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List, view, manage your properties from anywhere at your finger tips

Why Digit Home

Monitor & get insights of property & tenant

We make it easy to monitor your property and the tenants at your finger tips. The stress of manually keeping records of all your tenant can be a nightmare, we provide you with ease of record keeping of these information, making it easy to access online 24/7.

Aside from making sure that your unit is rent worthy, we help advertise your property to get your property off the rental market.

We also know when, where, and how to advertise a vacancy.

They know how to market your property to attract as many prospects as possible. This makes it easy to find the perfect tenants to fill the vacancy. This is one of the many advantages using this.

Keep track of payment, collect rent hassle free

Rent payment, record keeping have never been easy, we at digithome have provide you with the ease way out.

We help you keep track of rent payment and also provide tenant with payment options, this enable accurate record keeping of all rents within your properties.

We help ease the process of manually keeping records of rents paid or past due, with this platform you can view all rent by their status, monitor rents schedules and update tenants payments,

we also help send notification of rent details before due date (Monthly -Quarterly - Annual payment).

Manage maintenance and property requests

We offer technology to help you manage maintenance requests efficiently

manage maintenance request from tenant have not been easy, where you have to keep record of what have been done and what is pending and also the cost of the maintenance, we have provided you with the tools to help ease the work.

Tenant can send request to you with images and description of the issues, this makes it easy for you to view at a glance all request and action on it.

We provide you with a view to manage tenant maintenace request and also the cost of it, as this will help in decision making for the next rental period.

For Landlords

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For Agents

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